Parents And Children’s Behavior – Points to Ponder

At home little things are even more important. The behaviors of parents and children have its profound effect. It makes huge difference in parents and children’s personality and psychology. Scholar’s view in the following paragraph is self-explanatory:

The beginning of both spouse and child abuse can be found in seemingly insignificant things, such as belittling the abilities and competency of another, constantly criticizing, being insulting or calling names, refusing to communicate, manipulating, causing guilt fleeing, repeatedly making and breaking promises, intimidating, threatening physical harm, making unfolded accusations, or destroying property.”

It is a two-way traffic and has its impact evidently in their respective lives both positively and negatively. The point to ponder is to understand individual’s rights and responsibilities. They both need to execute it emphatically and judiciously. Any deviation and distortion from the right path at the behest of materialistic gain will deeply affect them alike. A word of caution, they must think out of the box to comprehend the reality of life and its meaning the context of creation.

It is a fact that people learn from their mistakes and failures rather from their success. This particular experience becomes a tool to shape up own house and impart rich culture to younger generations. The transformation of constructive attributes will positively show improvement in personality. It then teaches them that respect is earned through command and not by demand. Here, it is important to emphasize that The Holy Quran highlights ‘Dignity’ apart from respect. This is the crucial and cardinal intersection that catapults the youth into the orbit of knowledge and wisdom. It gives parents a sense of pride to see their offspring achieve success and fame.

The youth will then be exposed to new vistas of behavior, which follows the foot-steps of wise people and becomes the beacon of light to others. This is the after-effects of adopting and molding individual’s personality into meaningful ways. He not only improves upon self but also gathers others into the umbrella of sense and sensibility. At this point, the youth takes over the mantle and starts learning advancement of knowledge and its application. The self-confidence makes him strong and determined in self-improvement and also contributing to the society. It ultimately leads to development of the mind, which synchronizes with self-improvement and personality development.

There are many tools available to achieve success affecting different people in varying circumstances. Steve Tobak says that it is not intrinsic characteristic or personal habits that determine success or failure. It is your behavior. It means; it is an individual’s discipline both in home and in working environments. It reflects your attitude, commitments and flexibility to understand and execute the values.

Analyzing the above scenario objectively will focus our mind on the existing circumstances in our society. The life is progressing with an accelerating pace forcing parents and children a daunting task to meet both the ends. It develops cracks in the delicate fabric of family relationship. Both expect more commitments from each other. Hence strained relationship, and families started to drift and seek solace somewhere else. This is the focal point where parents need to inculcate values in children and make them realize where to draw the line. The children need to understand their position and avoid excesses thereby losing their balance in life.

Parents should also realize that children during this era are exposed to more avenues to learn and understand ethical values. Parents who are ignorant of new vistas of knowledge expose lack experience. Their stagnant intelligence and rigidity in life are depriving their appreciation to gauge the situation. It then, denies the necessity to listen and understand to their children’s mind. Of-course, their rich experience can be shared with children who in turn analyze it and adopt those values. Healthy interaction and critical discussion with each other objectively can be of great value to both.

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